What is BuildingDepot?

BuildingDepot is essentially an Extensible and Distributed Architecture for Sensor Data Storage, Access and Sharing.It is a data storage, management, and actuation system for building-related data. Future smart buildings will generate an enormous amount of data from SCADA systems as well as deployed wireless sensor networks. Managing this data is a challenge, and using it to drive energy efficiency is even more difficult.

Why use BuildingDepot?

Buildings form an essential part of our lives,and provide many services that make our indoor environment comfortable, productive and enjoyable. With advances in communication and computing, buildings are increasingly embedded with sensors and networked devices that enable a wide variety of services contextual services to occupants, monitoring of building infrastructure, and energy efficient operation.

We have created BuildingDepot as a successful IoT ecology.This includes a core building management middleware, an easy to use protocol agnostic API,robust security and privacy protections, to engage users with varying levels of experience.Our vision is to provide building users with a holistic view of the building across various different subsystems,such as lighting,water,air conditioning, and enable applications that work seamlessly across the underlying infrastructure.

Features of BuildingDepot:

How to use BuildingDepot?

The Getting started document will help you guide through the initial setup after installing BuildingDepot.

API Documentation

The BuildingDepot v3.2.9 API documentation will help you guide through the list of APIs after the initial setup of BuildingDepot.

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